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TC for Business Development’s story started from 2014!

TC for Business Development’s story started from 2014!

tc for business development

TC for Business Development story started from 2014! Find out more details about TC for Business Development through the article below

Introduction of rising the TCBD?

How valuable is corporate training and coaching to the sustainable development of the business? What is the basis of consulting on restructuring or consulting on business development?

With the foundation value from more than 20 years of working, investing and successful experience combined with the Advanced & Creative business philosophy of the Shareholders (founders) who returned to Vietnam from Eastern Europe in the years 1999 – 2000 ;

TC Corporation was born and with the companionship of the founding shareholders, has built many companies, operated methodically, trained in business development, transferred and equitized successfully.

TC for Business Development’s Founders

The Chairman and CEO of the Company is a veteran with more than 20 years of experience, has built and operated many businesses, successfully transferred and equitized many companies in many fields from production, service services, projects, investment, exploitation and Trade. He has coached and participated in Business Development for Multinational Companies such as Prudential VN, ActionCOACH, BNI, MILIKET, VINAFOOD II, VIETTEL, FPT, HTVC, TC Trading, TC Electronics, TC Transportation…

Founders of TC Business Development Corp. has experienced many real battles including failure in the first period when the company had high revenue and profit but not enough operating cash flow in 2003, or the company reached revenue and profit targets. and excess cash flow, but shareholders still decided to sell because core values, culture is not suitable for long-term development…

TC for Business Development’s rising

Since 2014, with the desire to accompany Vietnamese enterprises to develop and seek more investment opportunities, the founding shareholders have established TC Business Development Corp. (full name TC Training and Coaching for Business Development Corporation) with the vision of “Creating a Prosperous business world through Developing Perfect Minds and Systems – Greaten your Big Business by Great System and Yourself” to wishes to share experience, knowledge and successful systems from many countries around the world, contributing to helping businesses achieve their goals faster, with less costs and a greater chance of success, reducing costs. risks…

What does “TC” mean?

If you want to be successful in business, you have to do it, you have to learn from it and you have to accumulate lessons of blood and experience… Sometimes the successes you get have been paid with a lot of money, blood and some people. had to pay with his own political life.

This emphasizes the motto that TC pursues which is “Success must be through Real War” – if you, business owners want less bloodshed, less money in the market, you must accept “sweating on the battlefield”. training ground”… Training here means Investing in knowledge and skills – getting experience of success and failure from knowledgeable and experienced Traders – trainers – investors reality over the past 20 years…determine your destination through the game of life/game of business.

“You” distill experience – compare and apply World knowledge of business operation, investment and derive your SUCCESSFUL Formula…

Thus, “TC” includes the following meanings:

TC: You are bound to succeed when cooperating with us.

TC: You get the knowledge – skills – experience of “Real War” from leading experts.

TC: Our tool and solution is Training and Coaching [Training, Coaching and Monitoring Process]

TC: The issues we focus on are Totally Comprehensive, which includes 5 main areas: Strategy and Leadership; Business development; People and team, Building Processes and Systems that bring high value to your Customers; Financial management…

It can be said, using one word “TC” to describe us: It is a company providing Training – Coaching services focusing on all aspects of business operation based on experience and established formulas. Testimonials through real battles to help your company achieve long-term goals and Succeed.

What is core Purpose of TC for Business Development?

The core purpose of TC group is to elevate Vietnamese enterprises to the level of prosperity and to reach out to be on par with countries around the globe.

“TCBD” focuses on coaching and training for the main subjects who are business owners, business managers, helping “they” understand the tools, build a system of standards, develop the team, Maximize Revenue and Profit for Customers, through Training and Coaching programs.

TC for Business Development Training & Coaching Programs

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TC for Business Development Brand Promise: J.S.C

“Journey to Success” – Provides a strategic map to achieve goals.

“We are committed to building a strategy that best suits your resources and core competencies to help you achieve your business and life goals”

“Simplicity for Fools” – Build strategies and action plans in the simplest and easiest way.

We are committed to bringing you the simplest method to success, most suitable for all positions in your company.

“Cash Machine to sell” – Build a company into a machine and a high-value asset that can be sold partially (IPO) or all (MA)…

I am committed to building and growing your company into a high-value money machine that can be sold in whole or in part and is franchised…


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