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The Business Coach asists your Business to reach the Expected Goals

Hiring a Business COACH I Executive COACH is not a luxury expenditure, but a NEEDED and NECESSARY INVESTMENT for a business. The Coach Commites to Bring RESULTS for your business,…
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customer service by Thomas trinh toan Business Coach

Customer Service – the highlight of Enterprise’s competitive strength

What is the customer service highlight? Why do you need to create a customer service emphasis or USP? Once the price and quality of the product is almost equal, the…
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the product value perception

The story of product value perception

The product value perception? You can increase the perceived value of the product without increasing its actual value (the cost to make the product). Your mission is just to change…
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tcbd's 12 point of cultures

TC for Business Development’s 12 points of culture

12 point of cultures? Below are 12 standards of behavior and commitment of TC group members, we are committed to complying with these 12 point of cultures. In addition, t12…
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8 steps to build your vision

What is the Vision? 8 steps to build a vision for your business

What is the vision? Businesses can hardly come to success without having a clear vision from the beginning. In doing business coaching programs, many business owners have told us that…
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what is executive coach

What is Executive Coach?

What is Executive Coach? Executive Coach will help you define a strong vision for yourself and give you the motivation to push it, set better goals, achieve them faster, make…
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training and coaching programs

TC for Business Development Training & Coaching Programs

TC for Business Development Training and Coaching Programs are developed to help our clients building and transforming their Company to the Great Cash Machine the can be sold by very…
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tc for business development

TC for Business Development’s story started from 2014!

TC for Business Development story started from 2014! Find out more details about TC for Business Development through the article below Introduction of rising the TCBD? How valuable is corporate…
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What is Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

What is Business Coaching? This is a relatively new job, unlike Training, consulting or training. The biggest difference here is that the Coach does not require the coach to have…
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TC Group Vision

TC group’s vision and mission

TC group vision mission: Vision, mission, core purpose of TC for Business Development (TCBD) is described in detail to help customers accompany and choose the right long-term partner. What is…
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ESC company – 30 years developing

  Địa chỉ: A16 đường số 18, P. Hiệp Bình Chánh, Quận Thủ Đức Điện thoại: (028) 629 44 808 Fax: (028) 6258 14 09 Website: https://esc.vn/ Mail: support@esc.vn

Are you struggling with YOUR business plans?

A year has 4 quarters! Q2 is over… Q3 is coming! Beat procrastination with REVIEW 2022 BUSINESS PLAN and SET ACTION Q3 2022. Review the action sequence in the first…
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3 benefits

Are you ready to help other business owners with us?

Mr. Graham – CEO of BNI Global, said: “We don’t sell Memberships – we help Business Owners change and grow”! IF WE HELP YOU SOLVE 3 PROBLEMS: 1. The existence…
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New business opportunities for SMEs

Usually small and medium businesses tend to focus on product development rather than developing customer files for Enterprises. TCG’s goal is to help small and medium enterprises have new business…
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5 Benefits when joining to BNI Blue Ocean Chapter

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If you are business Owners, do not ignore this.

  1. Building a PRESTIGE Marketing team of other Company Owners up to 110 people! 2. EXCLUSIVE MARKETING trades / Products in the community 110 Members! 3. Being introduced by…
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