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TC for Business Development Training & Coaching Programs

TC for Business Development Training & Coaching Programs

training and coaching programs

TC for Business Development Training and Coaching Programs are developed to help our clients building and transforming their Company to the Great Cash Machine the can be sold by very high value.

I. In-house training and coaching programs

  1. High Performance Manager
  2. Basic and advanced leadership skills for Managers.
  3. Standard Operation Process (SOP)
  4. Coaching top sales professionals
  5. Top-notch customer service skills.
  6. High performance time management.
  7. Professional problem solving skills.
  8. Sales presentation – peak stage sales.
  9. In-house training specialists.
  10. Team-building training “team bonding and development”
  11. Other soft skills (52 important skills)

II. Business Coaching – Coaching and supervising Program

  1. Business Coaching 1:1
  2. Business Mentoring
  3. Group business coaching
  4. Make a real business plan – depending on the size of the company.
  5. Develop a Quarterly Action Plan
  6. Simple but useful tools to help the Company achieve its Goals.

III. Coaching Senior HR Development, Business Owner (Executive Coaching)

  1. Coaching Authentic Leaders – Authentic Leadership Best Practitioner.
  2. Training and coaching DISC, Motivator to promote human capacity and recruit team.
  3. Train and train yourself through the EIQ application.

IV. Coaching and Consulting for Comprehensive Corporate Restructuring

  1. Diagnose the status quo and set goals for the business.
  2. Building and implementing Corporate Culture.
  3. Develop strategies, action plans and execute them with the Balanced Score Card tool
  4. Develop strategies, action plans and execute them using OGSM
  5. Develop a set of standard business operating procedures.
  6. Building a 3P salary system.
  7. Building a competency dictionary for human resources.

Who is Business Coach for conduction the Training and coaching Programs?

He is Thomas Trinh Toan, MBA who has 20 experienced years in the field of building and operating many Million Dollar Company then organizing the MA, IPO with very high Price.

Business Coach Thomas Trinh Toan

Business Coach Thomas Trinh Toan, MBA, The TOP 10 of the Best Coach in 2020 – 2021 from ASEAN Actioncoach

He is the Comifood’s Member of The Director Board with the range of instant noodle, foodstuff at Vietnam Market as well as whole the world.

He is also the TOP 10 Business Coach, Executive Coach licensed by ActionCoach.


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