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TC for Business Development’s 12 points of culture

TC for Business Development’s 12 points of culture

tcbd's 12 point of cultures

12 point of cultures? Below are 12 standards of behavior and commitment of TC group members, we are committed to complying with these 12 point of cultures. In addition, t12 point of cultures help us choose partners and customers, especially like-minded team.

12 point of cultures

1. Commitment: first point of cultures

I always commit and give 100% effort in everything I do, until I achieve success.

I am committed to following TCBD’s Vision, Mission, Culture and Success, with current and future teams, with customers at all times.

I always give priority to introduce TCBD’s products to customers and partners.

2. Mastery: second point of cultures

I am truly responsible for my actions, the results that my actions will bring, and in control of everything that happens in my work and life.

I take responsibility for my results and I know that for things to change, I must first change.

3. Excellence: third point of cultures

I’ve always known Good is not enough.

I always deliver the highest quality products and services and always add value over the long term.

I am always looking for ways to achieve more with less effort, always on the path of constant improvement and creativity.

4. Communication point of cultures

I speak positively about my team members, clients and partners in both the public and private sectors.

I speak with good intentions by empowering and active conversation.

I never used or heard sarcasm or gossip.

I acknowledge that what is being said is true for the speaker at the time and that I am capable of responding to responses to my communication.

I greet and say goodbye to everyone I meet and I always use their names.

I always apologize for any disturbance first and then look for a solution.

I only discuss concerns privately with the person concerned.

5. “Success” point of cultures

I focus my thoughts, energy, and attention on the successful outcome of whatever I’m doing.

I am willing to win and allow others to win: Win / Win.

At all times, I display inner pride, prosperity, competence, and personal confidence.

I am a successful person (or will be).

6. “Education” point of cultures

I always learn from my mistakes.

I am always determined to learn, grow and be proactive so that I can help my close team members and clients also have the opportunity to learn, grow and be proactive.

I am also a trainer and always enable my clients to make smart decisions about their future with the awareness that it is their own future.

I provide practical and useful knowledge rather than mere theory.

7. “Teamwork” point of cultures

I am a member and team leader.

I do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals.

I focus on cooperation and always come to a decision, no compromise.

I am flexible at work and can change if what I am doing is not working.

I ask for help when I need it, and I am compassionate to those who ask me.

8. “Integrity” point of cultures

I always tell the truth.

What I promise is what I deliver.

I only make agreements with myself and others that I am willing and able to do.

I trade deals that are likely to break at the first opportunity and I cancel all broken deals immediately.

9. “System” point of Cultures

I always look to the system to find a solution.

If a challenge arises, I use a system calibration before looking for a human correction.

I use the system solution in my innovation rather than the human solution.

I follow the exact system until a new system is introduced.

I suggest improving the system at my first chance.

10. “Consistency” point of Cultures

I am consistent in my actions so that my clients and teammates can feel comfortable dealing with me at all times.

I am disciplined at work so my results, growth and success are consistent.

11. “Gratitude” No 11 point of cultures

I am a truly grateful person.

I say thank you and show appreciation often and in many ways to let all those around me know how much I appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life.

I celebrate my wins and the victories of my clients and my team.

I always force myself and others to do the right things.

12. “Balance”: No 12 point of cultures

I take full responsibility for my actions in life and work, and their results.

I take responsibility for my own results, and I realize that in order for things to change, I have to change myself first.

As a member of TCBD, we are committed to complying and implementing the above 12 values.

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