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TC Group’s Vision

Greaten Your Big Business by Great SYSTEM, Yourself then Business Automation.

tc group missions

Our Missions

1. Transform Self-employed to Business Owners 2. Transform the STARS to Winning Team 3. Transform MINDSET to Greater 4. Transform Process to Great System
tc group brand promises

Brand Promises

1. Journey to Success 2. Simple for Fools 3. Cash Machine to Sell.
tc group 12 points of cultures

12 points of Culture

1. Commitment 2. Mastery 3. Excellence 4. Communication 5. Success 6. Education 7. Teamwork 8. Integrity 9. System 10. Consistency 11. Gratitude 12. Balance

Typical counseling cases

Our Clients
TaiLoc Windows

Mr. Nguyen

Square Group


TTC Infotech Inc.


VNDC chuong


Investment – Exploitation – Bidding

TC Group has participated in bidding and invested in large projects… Typically:



TV Digital (T2)


T2 Supplying

Viettel Solution Projects

BMS System

Building Management Project

Investment portfolio

Works and projects that we have participated in investment and consulting

Song Da Logo
HTVC Cable TV Project

Customer’s Reviews and Testimonials

What our customers say about us over the past 8 years (since 2014)

Our company is a regular customer of TCBD Corp., sales skills training courses, customer scanning and customer discrimination are very practical and useful for Managers and employees. With fully conveyed and concise content. The Business Coach has good experience and skills. After the course, our sales team confidently approached Big Customers, B2B customers and brought many valuable contracts. Thank you to the teaching staff and TCBD company for accompanying and understanding the actual training needs of our company.

tc group client
Mr Nguyen Lam

TTC Infotech

Thank you TCBD Company, Coach Thomas Trinh Toan, a brother–teacher who has accompanied in training Fortune Windows x3 Revenue under the Business Coaching program and training for my company for more than 2 years. Up to now, my company has made great strides in business, branding and customer care system.

Thank you very much, TCBD experts. tc group client tai loc
Mr. Loc Nguyen

Tai Loc Windows

I participated in the training course “Mentoring” – Business orientation and personal development directly trained and coached by TC Business Development Company and Mr. Thomas Trinh Toan. After the first 90 days of my company, I achieved very positive results, achieved my business and personal goals, I was more balanced and had more time to take care of myself and my family. I really want and need similar training courses. Thank you.

Nguyễn Duy Chương
Mr Chuong Nguyen



With more than 18 years of experience in investing, training and building many systems for large customers… We are completely confident in our ability to accompany our customers to develop.


Consulting Directory

Business Coaching Business Development Team engage & grow OGSM, BSC Strategies Action Plan Organization Re-framing Habits Coaching


for COMPANIONS to build MA & IPO strategy SOP system building 3P salary system & KPIs Competency library In-house training Authentic leadership

TOP 10

BUSINESS COACH as Executive Coach DISC Practitioner Authentic leadership facilitator MBA Head Coach

If you have a need to grow your business, turn it into a cash machine!

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TC Group’s Experts

Business Coach Thomas Trinh Toan MBA, Strategist (Head Coach)

Business Coach

Tcgroup team
TCBD Expert Team with Clients

Our team

Dr. Tony Alexandra

Coach, DISC founder

Suzette Chaparro

Coach, adviser

Business Coach Thomas Trinh Toan
MBA, Strategist (Head Coach)

Business – Executive Coach

Hot news & Knowledges

All information about the latest business knowledge updates, business networking activities, seminars and economic activities are updated here.

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