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What is the Vision? 8 steps to build a vision for your business

What is the Vision? 8 steps to build a vision for your business

8 steps to build your vision

What is the vision? Businesses can hardly come to success without having a clear vision from the beginning. In doing business coaching programs, many business owners have told us that they wish they knew where they were going and the power of vision.

What is the vision?

A vision is not so mysterious as its name suggests, simply a picture of a success to be achieved at some point in the future.

It involves a series of questions like my article on the 14 questions that make up a business vision, such as: What will the business be like in 20 years or 30 years or beyond? How big is it? Famous for what? Why do people care about what you do?

How do your employees feel about their work? How do I feel about my own business? What’s my role in it?… Complete the build process, and you’ll have a clear view of the outcome of your business – something that doesn’t change every time the market or your mood changes.

What is building a vision that inspires a team?

A vision big enough to inspire, it keeps you and everyone in the business excited to come to work, it brings together everyone who goes to work every day to build on that. This is not just a wishful thought. A vision must be strategically complete. You have to have the right strategies and have the courage to go there.

At TCBD, we build a vision every time we start a new project. With the company as a whole, we have a holistic vision. The vision is also something that every coach or staff member reads and implements with each update.

To be clear, a vision is not a strategic plan. Vision shows us clearly where we are going. The plans tell us how we’re actually getting there. We only started planning our work after we had agreed on a vision. Creating an action plan without a vision…?

I can’t imagine what you would have to do. Try asking google maps for directions but you don’t know where your destination is or get in a taxi and tell the driver to take you home without knowing which direction to go.

The good news is that creating a vision is easy and the time it takes to create a strategic vision takes no more than 60 minutes. You’re probably gaping. “Just half an hour to write down my vision for my business?”

What about gathering information, consulting experts, accessing new trends and leading economic indicators? Good question, but just do it, you’ll find you don’t need those.

Why? Although we spend our lives working to solve the problems and opportunities the world presents to us, vision creation comes from within. It’s what you believe, what excites you, what you really want to do.

What are the 8 steps to creating a vision for your business?

8 steps to build your vision, what is the vision

STEP 1 – Choose a topic What is your vision?

Before creating a vision for anything, the most important thing is to start being clear about what you’re doing. Is this an enterprise-wide vision? Or just a little vision in it? For current? Or until you retire? We will create a vision of all of the above and everything in between.

STEP 2 – What is the timeframe for the vision?

How far do you plan to go? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But in general, to create the best vision you should look to the future far enough to get rid of all current problems and enough time to develop. Most businesses create a vision for a period of 2-10 years, but a 5  year vision is the most appropriate period.

STEP 3 – Make a list of achievements

Think about the work you currently have, and write a list of positive accomplishments that are relevant to your current job. You can include detailed contributions that you and your colleagues have made in the past, or skills, techniques, and resources that can be used to lay the foundation for your vision.

Whatever comes to mind is fine. Don’t stress too much. It only takes no more than 10 minutes. The idea here is to create a foundation of positive energy and valuable experiences that you can use to build your future success. The more active leaders are, the greater the vision achieved.

STEP 4 – What is the first draft of the vision?

Writing a vision is very important, but don’t take it too seriously. In my experience, the amount of time you spend drafting drafts has nothing to do with the quality of the vision. Some people argue that the more time spent, the better the quality of the draft. But think again, if you spend too much time writing a long draft, often you will not get inspired and creative visions.

You can draft your vision your way – bulleted, handwritten, or on the computer. Some people like to draw a vision and then explain what they draw. But you must remember to write “DRAFT” in large letters on the page. We’ve found that, when you write that word at the top of the page, you’re more comfortable writing your ideas, because if you don’t, people tend to assume this is the final version and tend to be a bit rigid.

Before writing, there are some good suggestions for you. If you do, you’ll do better:

  • A great vision. We’re writing something great for our business, so you have to think about something great. For example: The Vietnamese football team won the Southeast Asian Cup, Vietnam’s economy has grown beyond Singapore, or something like your business will surpass Mobifone in sales in the next 5 years… What do you think about? Big but specific, very scary but also very interesting. That will help you have great ideas.
  • Step into the future. I have worked with a lot of businesses to write a vision, the best way is to put yourself in the future you are aiming for. It sounds a bit strange, but it’s actually very effective. Don’t write like the vision will happen, write the way the vision happened.
  • Write quickly. Find a quiet, comfortable, well-ventilated place and start writing. You just write what you come up with quickly, without editing, it only takes about 5-10 minutes. Show passion for each idea.

STEP 5 – Review and revise the vision

When you’re done, read and review the draft from start to finish. Do not delete any part. In my experience, 80% of what you write on the first draft is very true.

You have a lot of time to edit content and words. Always ask questions in your mind like “Is this vision inspiring?”, “Is it exciting to read it?”

You write your message in as much detail as possible – it makes your vision more realistic. Never use vague statements like “We are going to be a big player in the market”, instead, use numbers that really make sense. So what financial numbers represent success for you? Sales level? Wage? Investments?…

STEP 6A, 6B, and 6C – Rewrite Drafts

If you want, you can take this step and rewrite second drafts or more. But you need to gather enough information and go to step 7.

Remember that there will be no 6D draft. If yes, then D must mean “Pass”. That means it’s done. If you’re going to do a 6D version, then I think you’ll come up with the excuse “I’ve been focusing on writing the vision for a few years now but haven’t finished…”

STEP 7 – How can I get help with my vision?

This is when you need to find someone you truly trust and respect. The most suitable person at this time is your business coach who has the experience, understanding and expertise to help you.

When I first learned how to write a vision, I often asked experts to tell me what their point of view was (sometimes, I explained why I put this up if they didn’t quite understand the idea). mine). That’s all. Trust the coach to feel free to give their opinion on what part interests them the most, what part they feel uncomfortable with, or something like that.

STEP 8 – Share what the vision is for the team

Finally, it’s time to share with the people you’re working with. When presenting your vision to the whole business, people will ask how you achieved this. They will ask you the “How” question. But in fact, it is about focusing on the question “What”. At this point, if you don’t know how to get there, that’s okay. Later, together with the coach, you will figure out the “How”.

By Team of Business Coaches.

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